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Resources and information on CyanogenMod for rk3066 based tablets

NOTE: I stopped working on this, the page will not be updated any further.


I am not really a fan of touch based devices, but somehow I ended up with one. I found that using it was quite boring, so I figured, maybe I can do something with the firmware. After some research regarding my options I decided to have a go at CyanogenMod.

My device has an rk3066 CPU from Rockchip and it turned out that there are some attempts here and there, but no usable port of CyanogenMod yet. That’s where the “fun” started…

I am not a CyanogenMod developer nor is this an official port attempt, I will try to get it merged if I get anywhere, but right now it’s just hacking, trial and error.

The deeper I dig the more information comes to light and I think it makes sense to share the findings.

WARNING: the information on this page is intended for developers who know what they are doing and understand the risks. I’m not responsible if you brick your device.

Note: I work on a Linux host, so all tools, scripts, etc. mentioned here will most likely be only available for Linux.

Visit the device page for more information on the device and check out my work in progress.

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